Paolo Allen: Happy Birthday John 🙂
john ross: carlisle uk
john ross: yes it is a nice little town thank you love xxx
john ross: my neice who is now 32 lol xxx
john ross: me in RAF can you guess who i am Elena xxx
john ross: my house with plum trees x
I watched: diresraits live aid 1985
john ross: how did you get all that ,,,,,were is the link from
I was at: carlisle cumbria England
I was at: carlisle cumbria England
I watched: schindlers list
I was at: sydney australia ,,,,,,,now live in carlisle England uk xxxx
john ross: me on left front row lol x
john ross: good to be back darling your sooooooo sexy xxxxxx
hello all you sexy girls ,,,,my names john i think your all gorgeous xxxxx