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The AR food menu is a key marketing tool for any type of restaurant, from high-end fine dining outfits to popular fast-food chains. Customers depend on menus to help them evaluate, compare and choose dishes. -
Engaging students in classroom is the most monumental burden for teachers. Integrating technologies in education such as Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and gamification helps to reshape the education system. VR and AR solutions help to uplift education & training sector to next level by integrating these technologies in training session to confer wide range of benefits for academia and the industry alike. -
Freedom on-the-move(FOTM) is a mobile video surveillance system (MVSS) manufactured by Strongwatch corporation. It finds the application by the military, law enforcement, and border security agencies. It can be used for force protection, counter sniper, anti-ambush, covert surveillance, law enforcement, drug interdiction, port perimeter security and so on. - Augmented Reality(AR) is extensively used in games and entertainment and also in various other industries. By leveraging the richness of 3D and IoT we can create compelling augmented reality experiences that help improve efficiencies, build better products and enable safer, more productive environment for workers and customers. AR will be used extensively in many areas in the manufacturing industry. - One of the leading game development companies in India and USA, Juego Studios offers development services for games, AR, VR, AI and IoT solutions