Bonne Journée les Ami(es) - Have a nice day Friends 🙂
Michael Schneider: I want this damn
Paolo Allen: lol 🙂
Michael Schneider: I have to tell you my friend I have lost my password and it's been absolute craziness getting back in.As a matter of fact I don't know how I've done this time.But my goodness gracious how I would love a machine like this.My shirtfront get wet every time I see it......
Michael Schneider: Look Hello Paolo, how are you, and how is the music flowing?Back in now that I have found out how I originally signed in here.Kick in the pants though, people sent friend requests and they were essentially ignored. I feel very bad about it, but, other than telling why that happened and telling them how sorry not sure what else I can do.Anyway I sure hope that all goes well for you.Take care