lyna reve: 💖
F. Davis jr.: "this song is dedicated to France, Kenya, and all the people affected by terror in this world,who are being uprooted,displaced and lost. Let's show some unconditional LOVE" and Prayers go up for those whose lives will never be the same"....... The Jazzfatnastees / Unconventional Ways (1999). "We Love in Unconventional Ways"!! .. (edited)
Good evening >> Showlikes fanz, I am sending an track to start off your weekends,
Show Likes: Good Evening Davis
For Lyna/My Showlikes ladies for Spring/Summer 2015 - Calvin Klein's Eternity Summer For Her, here's some of the ingredients ladies: pear, mandarin orange, watermelon, peony, water lily, sandal wood, white amber. t Calvin Klein usually doesn't disappoint. "Let the Summer begin, and good night" !!! .....
lyna reve: thanks F.David jr 😉 Ilove this perfume 💖
F. Davis jr.: 'Your Welcome Princess' !!! ....
My Showlikes for the Upcoming Spring/Summer - Calvin Klein's (Eternity Summer Men) 2015, the ingredients :
*sea notes, grapefruit*, *pink pepper, fig leaf*, *cypress, juniper berries*, *driftwood. I purchased this one and it is already one of my all-time summer scents. I've bought eternity summer in the last 4 years, and I've never been disappointed. "The scent is perfect for those warm days/and nights, and when the wind blows, watch out"!! So fellas you may want to give this one an try ....
This is MYSHOWLIKES laugh of the day (State Farm insurance Elvis impersonators)
"You gotta do it like this" ! ..... 'I see State Farm is putting our money to good use' !!
'Laughter is GOOD for the Soul' ........
4 the Ladies this is My.Show.Likes for the day (Johnny Gill) - Lady Dujour (1990), one of my favorites,
smooth-flowing to the end. "LOVE from a man's point of view" enjoy!! ..
'Such a Special Lady, Girl you drive me crazy My Lady Dujour' .....
lyna reve: love it !
(My.Showlikes.Com) 'dedicated 2 this thing called LOVE', this track by Taylor Dayne born (Leslie Wunderman)
"I'll Always Love You ['88]. 'an all-time classic Love song', soulful and jazzy, whether playing this on a rainy evening, or in the early A.M., it puts you right in the mood.Taylor Dayne blew the top off this one. "LOVE never goes out of Style", ? So does LOVE need a special day in February ? I think NOT: Open (24/7) .....
Sade - Cherry Pie (Live @ the Open Air Theater 1993) > San Diego, CA, with her band (Sweetback). I ask can a man match an woman's intensity for LOVE ?, it seems it flows more naturally for women, she says your'e as "wild as Friday night" ! love the sound of that electric guitar !!!!
lyna reve: good!!!
Petar Sabo: love Sade
[cont'd], Cherry Pie this weekend ???, "such an sugar rush" ! ....
lyna reve: hummmm !!!
"Pop Goes The Weasel"!, 'this lil' weasel may want you to give him/her something to eat, or just waiting for
you to leave the PREMISES' ! 'Have an Good evening/night' .....
lyna reve: :-) 💖
(RePost) This track was on my mind, to the LADIES @ MYSHOWLIKES for (2015) "The Champagne Life" to kick off the WEEKEND. 'Have Good Weekend' ! NE YO - THE CHAMPAGNE LIFE (2010)
F. Davis jr.: Your Welcome