F. Davis jr.: This scene is from a "Christmas Story" ' I have no idea what the Dad says when they get an flat tire', however it was FUNNY ! clever editing, i guess?, now next his son Ralphie says Fudge only does he doesn't say Fudge his Mom is hysterical ! enjoy some classic T.V. Christmas Story (1983)
F. Davis jr.: 'My Nieces, was with them on (April.26.2014)' @ Closing the Health Gap / Washington Park (Cincinnati,Ohio) > Tyrien & Taelir
lyna reve: You are welcome @F. Davis jr. :-)
F. Davis jr.: Taelir, my niece that's sticking her tongue out, likes to let you know, what she's learned ALL the time, such as counting to 100 by tens, she's soo smart and bright ! "the Luvz of my life" !