Recorded 10 Years ago today: Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan!
My new group, The River House Band - Live on Plum Island April 22, 2018
So great to see and be with so many lovely friends and fans last night at the Beatle Juice show.
Back Eddy Lights Up The Night:
Back Door Man - Back Eddy
Sometimes they even let me sing and play guitar:
My band, Back Eddy Live at The Harvest Moon Music Festival Gloucester, Massachusetts
Fun Jam This Past Saturday
Louise Harrison, sister of George Harrison and me. April 16, 2016.
Fireworks filmed with a drone, spectacular!
Eddie & The Bros Play Dem Ol' Blooze One Mo' Again...
R.I.P. Lemmy (1945-2015)
A Splendid time was had by all!